Girlie.Reina is closed.

I am very sorry to inform you guys that I have decided to close this website.
Now, why would I closed it? Well, this site has been online since August 2003 (6 years) and to put it simply, I am getting far too bored with it to continue.

Furthermore, I have discovered so many artists and new sounds that my interest in Morning Musume has dropped. I still like Morning Musume though, as well as Reina Tanaka. I remember very clearly how she caught my attention 6 years ago, when I watched the 6th generation audition, she looked so stylish and mature, somehow. I am still expecting much from her, I hope we will be able to see her performing, with or without Morning Musume, for years and years again.

But honestly, I can't keep going any longer with this website. I have grown up too, my studies are taking most of my time, I am not really webdesigning like I used to do, and I feel that fansites like this one don't really stand up against Youtube, Pictures-boards or Blogs.

So I would rather close it properly instead of letting it "die".

I am very pleased with the work and 350.000+ hits I've achieved... I still can't believe it!

Thank you so muuch guys for yout support.
I wish you a lot of luck and happiness for the future.
Good luck to Reina of course. I'll still support her even without my website.

Farewell, everyone.

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